Children’s Ministry

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me.” (Mathew 19:14, NIV)

Vision: Our goal is to assist parents in training children to love God and to help them to live effective lives for Him and others.

Coordinator: MaryAnne Duff

Nursery: We provide a safe, clean atmosphere where children age birth to two years old can play and learn from trained, loving caregivers about how wonderfully God made them and their world. We provide beepers for the parents so they can be contacted in the service if it is necessary.

Special “K”: Children age 2 are welcomed by trained caregivers to a beautiful room especially designed for their age. They play and learn bible stories and sing songs about Jesus.

Lil’K: Children age 3 to 5 are invited into a play area designed for their age and are taught by a video curriculum that enhances the teachings they have been taught the previous two programs (similar to “Blue’s Clues“). Teachers and assistants guide the children to love the people and world that God made.

Kidmo: Children, kindergarten through 5th grade, will experience a high energy video worship and teaching time that helps them learn how God views their world and how to show their friends Jesus. Trained teachers and assistants lead small groups of children to talk about kid’s everyday situations and how God looks at them.

Sunday School Classes: At the 9 a.m. hour we offer Sunday school classes for all ages to help parents with the spiritual training of their children.

Photo: MaryAnne Duff

Should you want more information about any area of the Children’s Ministry, or desire to serve in this ministry, please contact MaryAnne Duff at 567-4231 (daycare), or 532-1303 (cell).